Global Wholesale

Shipco Airfreight is a founding member of AirCargoGroup - a global association of like-minded neutral airfreight wholesalers. Working exclusively with freight forwarders, the Group enables customers to enhance their reach, buying power and quality of their product through the network. The Group's members and partners offer local and global freight forwarders alike, end-to-end airfreight solutions.

Global Cohesive Solutions

ACG offers clients a single point of contact in order to have access to a worldwide network. As well as offering best-in-class service, the Group is using and developing the latest technological advances within the logistics industry.

Features & Benefits

Airfreight Buying Power

Airfreight Buying Power - Block Space Agreements - Specialized Skills in Cargo Handling - Project Freight Airport 2 Door (DAP/DDP) - Charter Flights - Qualified Neutral Partner at Origin and Destination